We’re the City of London chapter of Hash House Harriers – the drinking club with a running problem! Whatever the weather, we run every Tuesday at 7pm from a pub in London Zone 1 or 2, then head back to the pub for social drinks. Come join us! All abilities welcome. 

Next R*n

Hare - Accidental Fisting and Run2Eat

Pub - The Coach House

Tube Station - Leicester Square


Come to see the Christmas lights on Regent Street, and eat cake baked by the Hash Bakers.
Be careful if you play Whamaggedon though: you're almost certain to be whammed!





Upcoming R*ns

Hare - Sort Yourself Out

Pub - The Craft Beer Co Clerkenwell

Tube Station - Farringdon

Join us on a tour of historic postal sites.  Black & White cats welcome!





Hared by - Sloppy Seconds & Full Load

The "Here Comes The Sun" run to celebrate the winter solstice and that we're finally moving in the right direction to longer, warmer days! 

Wear something summery, and there is a free beer for any person running in flip-flops.

Pub - The Paternoster (TBC)

Location - St Paul's (TBC)





Start your New Year's Resolutions early with a boxing day run.  "Fooked Three Ways" might be the state of your Christmas hangover, but he's also our hare today: helping us to burn off those extra mince pies.

Hare - F*cked 3 Ways

Pub - The Victoria

Tube Station - Victoria

Note the time is a super-early 5pm: this allows you to get home to more Boxing Day parties!





Hare - Half Baked and 5 Kuai Head

Pub - TBC

Tube Station - TBC





Get out your flat cap and smoking jacket: City Hash is entering middle age!
Irian Jaya takes us on a nice gentle run, designed to be kind to our arthritic knees.

Hare - Irian Jaya

Pub - The World's End

Tube Station - Finsbury Park






Knickers, our original City Hasher from 1800 runs ago, returns to take us on a tour of our old haunts.

Come dressed in your 18-year-old going out gear - which you obviously still have because that was only five years ago, right? 

Hare: Knickers 

Pub: TBC

Station: TBC


Hare - Bear Burglar

Pub - TBC

Tube Station - TBC





Hare - Fifty Shades

Pub - TBC

Tube Station - TBC (Clapham Junction area)





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