Code of Conduct

There are no rules on the hash.

However, we expect certain basic standards of behaviour from anyone hashing with CH3.

CH3 will not tolerate any sexual harassment, verbal abuse, disrespecting bar staff, bullying, theft, or violence including sexual assault. More broadly, we won’t tolerate any kind of abuse from members of our pack. In the rare occasion this does occur, we will take proportionate action to protect our hash against these kinds of behaviours and anyone displaying them.

Furthermore, CH3 is welcoming to all comers, especially new members of the pack and members of the public. CH3 strives to be a fun environment where everyone feels welcome.

Anyone who experiences any form of abuse, sexual harassment, or other creepy or unwelcome behaviour from members of our pack is encouraged to talk to a member of the misman or contact It’s our duty to maintain a fun and safe hash and support anyone who has been let down by poor behavior at CH3.

On On,

The CH3 MisManagement