Rain, snow or shine, you’ll find us running every Tuesday night from a pub within London Underground Zones 1 & 2. So join us this Tuesday at 7 pm in the pub and be ready for a run and then on back to the pub for social drinks. The City Hash House Harriers normally run in Zones 1 and 2, but occasionally break out to Hampstead and Greenwich for the Parks.

(1) Never Hashed Before?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try hashing but you are not sure what to do when you arrive and what to bring with you. Below are a few notes that might answer some questions that you might have. First things first, check out our upcoming Run List for the schedule.

(2) What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive look for a large group of people dressed in running kit wearing bright t-shirts and ask someone to point you in the direction of a committee member.

(3) What do I do with my bag?

Most of the time all the bags are locked away in the pub cellar or a private room but there is the odd occasion when the bags are all piled up in the corner and someone on the sick and injured list will sit with the bags and keep an eye on them. We do stress please do not bring ANYTHING valuable or easily broken, the hash will not be held responsible for anything that goes missing or damaged.

(4) How much does hashing cost?

Your first hash is free and all you need to bring with you is some drink and food money. After that, it’s just £2 a run, or your can sign up for an annual membership which costs £35. You can pay by card or payment link. If you want to sign up for an annual membership, contact HashCashes@cityhash.org.uk.

(5) Is there somewhere to get changed?

As we meet at a pub the only place to get changed is the Ladies or the Gents loos. Our advice would be to get changed at home or at the office or turn up early as there are always lots of hashers queuing up to get changed in the pub loos.

(6) How far do you run?

Most runs are between 3 to 5 miles long (6 to 8 km), depending on how far you want to run. There are usually short cuts if you don’t want to run the full trail. Don’t worry about being able to keep up, there are people of all abilities and you can always put your travel pass, iPhone or credit card in your pocket before you leave and get the tube back.

(7) What do I need to bring with me?

Obviously your running kit but please bring warm dry clothes to change into after the run as down downs are held outside all year round. And, the most important thing to bring with you is a sense of humour! We hope to see you at the hash soon and On On.

(8) What if I’d like to set a trail?

We always need more volunteer ‘Hares’ to set our trails! You get to pick the location and book your favourite hash-friendly pub. Check out our hare guide! “Tips for Hares“. Send an email to HareRaisers@cityhash.org.uk with your preferred date and location.

(9) How often do you have drink stops and socials?

On average, once a month we have a drink stop (DS), usually on a themed run where you’re encouraged to wear fancy dress! (for example: on Halloween, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas Lights, Oktoberfest, etc). In addition, we also have social events such as our Christmas Party, HAFTA Hash Awards, and annual summer Away Weekend. Check out our upcoming events on our Socials page. We also post them on our Facebook page. You can also speak to our wonderful Social Secs – contact them at SocialSecs@cityhash.org.uk.

(10) How do I order a hash T-Shirt?

We can tailor any product. Choose you perfect colour, size and shape, and whatever design you’d like printed – we’ll mock up your bespoke design and it will be ready within a couple of weeks. Alternatively, choose something from our core collection and collect straight away at the next hash. Check out our Haberdashery page for more info.

(11) Are you on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Instagram, join our group on Facebook, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, and follow us on Strava. We’re also on Meetup and registered on ParkRun.

(12) What if I have a concern?

Anyone who experiences any form of abuse, sexual harassment, or other creepy or unwelcome behaviour from members of our pack is encouraged to talk to a member of the MisManagement team or contact welfare@cityhash.org.uk in confidence. It’s our duty to maintain a fun and safe hash and support anyone who has been let down by poor behavior at CH3.

On On,

The CH3 MisManagement